Hello! I am Noël, a Software Engineer (mainly a manager now) in Paris. My centers of interest are low and retro-technology (Arduino, Minitel, esp32), science (former physicist), and amateur radio (F4JJD).

I began college in Lyon, where I studied physics and chemistry. Then, I focused only on fundamental physics, especially theoretical research. In 2013, I joined the CNRS (French Organization for Research) as a PhD student and pursued into the neutron-star physics field. Those stars are compact (~10 km) and massive (about a solar mass), which gives them complex structures and properties — all my papers are available here.

After a year of postdoc at the edge between physics and computer science, I moved to software engineering. I joined in 2017 @QwantResearch as a research engineer. My work involved solving problems like graph computation up to a billion nodes and more (with limited RAM and CPU, and performed in less than a day) and web crawling at scale (a billion pages daily). Since 2019, I’ve joined @Botify, a technical SEO company providing an analytic tool and optimized content to search-engine bots. I lead two R&D teams in this company, working on data engineering and crawler techniques.

Finally, I got my amateur radio license in 2021 with the call sign F4JJD. I am primarily active in HF in the 40m and 20m bands (with the Yaesu FT-817ND and FT-891). Since I got a QRP rig, I am doing some SOTA activations with an End Fed Half Wire (EFHW) antenna and a 6m-tall and telescopic glass-fiber pole. More sparsely, I operate in VHF/UHF with handled radios (FT-4X and FT-3D).